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Exploring BMW iX Rear Legroom Features: A Complete Guidance


The BMW iX is a fully electric SUV powered by an electric motor with a 1-speed automatic transmission, offering excellent performance and efficiency. Its four-wheel drive feature provides safety and control in various road conditions. It offers seating for up to five passengers and provides plenty of space and comfort for all passengers.

Its Starting price is $87,100. Backed by a basic warranty of 4 years or 50,000 miles and an impressive EV battery warranty of 8 years or 100,000 miles, the BMW iX offers drivers peace of mind and promises reliability and durability with the latest technology.

BMW iX Dimensions

The IX  has brilliant technical specifications and moves an ideal stability of area, speed, and overall performance. Its length is 195.0 inches and a wheelbase of 118.1 inches, this car gives plenty of area for passengers even as preserving safety and a clean ride on the road. The IX ensures its presence with its mirror width of 87.8 inches, while its top of 66.8 inches contributes to its look. With a surface region of ​​8.8 inches, it can correctly take care of distinct positions.

Cargo space is generous with 35.5 cubic feet behind the rear seats and a maximum capacity of 77.9 cubic feet, providing plenty of room for luggage and gear. Despite its spaciousness, the iX doesn’t skimp on performance, boasting a 0-60 mph time of just 3.6 seconds. With a curb weight of 5,769 pounds and a Maximum payload of 1,003 pounds, it strikes the perfect balance between power and efficiency. Made in Germany, the BMW iX exemplifies precision engineering and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Front Seat Dimensions


The iX prioritizes comfort and elegance in the interior to create a unique driving experience for the driver and passengers. Passengers can enjoy plenty of room and flexibility in their movements with 41.5 inches of headroom and 40.2 inches of legroom. The generous 61.5-inch front shoulder room makes long excursions more comfortable and enjoyable.

The inside climate is improved by standard features like bucket seats and leather upholstery, and height-adjustable seats with two headrests offer outstanding comfort for various driving positions. In addition, the driver’s and passenger’s seats have different heating and ventilation settings, so you can always adjust the temperature, rain or shine.

Rear Seat Dimensions

The rear seats of the BMW iX are roomy and secure, making the experience relaxed for people who take a seat there. Its 39.5-inch rear headroom and 38.9-inch legroom permit passengers to recline and unwind while touring. Passengers have lots of room to unfold out and revel in the journey thanks to the car’s massive rear shoulder room, which measures 58.3 inches.

Convenient functions that enhance consolation and flexibility are also covered with the iX, like a general break-up-folding rear seatback and a folding middle armrest. The rear seats’ multi-stage heating device provides even extra opulence and keeps backseat occupants warm and comfy.

Safety Features

With numerous extensive features that are intended to provide drivers and passengers with peace of mind, the BMW iX places a high priority on safety. IX is equipped with contemporary technology that provides safety and twist-of-fate protection measures. Blind Spot assistance and Lane Preserve assistance, which assists drivers in staying in their lanes, are examples of standard features. The driver attention device tracks the driver’s level of weariness and provides alerts as necessary.

The iX features a pre- and submit-crash safety system that includes front and rear airbags to lessen the impact and two front airbags to provide additional protection in the unlikely event of a mishap. The traction and control device makes it easier to maintain the security and condition of various roadways. Effective braking is also provided by front and rear-vented disc brakes and four-wheel ABS.

Additional safety features include anti-theft technology, tire pressure monitoring, and emergency braking and assistance. High beams, adaptive headlights, and LED headlights all contribute to increased visibility and a comfortable ride. The goal of BMW iX is to give all drivers dependable, safe fun behind the wheel.

Entertainment Features

The BMW iX offers a luxurious entertainment experience with different levels of features that delight passengers. At the center of everything is the 14.9-inch infotainment display, which provides intuitive access to various entertainment options and car settings. An AM/FM stereo provides access to a variety of radio stations, while Bowers & Wilkins premium branded speakers ensure sound quality with 1,615 watts of stereo output split across 30 speakers, including 4 subwoofers.

Enjoy surround sound with a variety of surround sound technologies for unparalleled listening. Wireless connectivity with Android Auto/Apple CarPlay and USB and satellite radio capabilities further expand the entertainment options, providing endless entertainment for every journey.

Power Feature

The BMW iX combines convenience and innovation with effective capabilities, resulting in a clean and gratifying ride. Standard features consist of two one-touch power home windows for clean operation and delivered convenience.

The primary-row fixed electro-chromatic glass prolonged sunroof provides a hint of luxury with the aid of allowing occupants to absorb herbal mild and enjoy huge views. Palms-unfastened entry makes it less complicated to get into the car, and heated mirrors enhance vision in a selection of weather conditions, including the iX’s ordinary comfort and functionality.

Comfort & Convenience

The BMW iX redefines comfort and convenience with a slew of preferred technology intended to improve the user experience. Keyless ignition makes beginning the vehicle less complicated, and the power tilt and telescopic steering wheel allow for customized changes to match man or woman’s tastes. Audio and cruise controls are easily situated on the steerage wheel for clean operation even when driving. The iX’s coping with turns into smoother and more responsive thanks to electronic energy steerage.

Navigating tight spots is made smooth thanks to the front, facet, and rearview cameras, as well as the front and rear parking sensors. Wi-fi charging removes tangled connections, and cruise manipulation improves long-distance riding consolation. The potential to use a frequent far-off transmitter makes it easier to operate storage doorways and security systems. Front and rear cupholders, door pockets, and front seatback storage all help to keep the cabin clutter-loose.

Additional consolation functions encompass a heated steerage wheel, 4-area weather control, rear ventilation ducts with fan manipulation, and prolonged cabin heating, which provide passenger consolation in all climate situations. The BMW iX focuses on protection and simplicity with the aid of integrating turn indicators into the mirrors, which improves the whole use revel in.


The BMW iX includes modern telematics capabilities to assure driver safety and convenience. Standard features include Emergency Service for rapid assistance in the event of an emergency and airbag deployment notification for immediate response to accidents.

Stolen Vehicle Tracking/Assistance offers peace of mind, while Hands-Free Calling keeps drivers linked without distractions. Roadside help and Concierge Service provide support and help as needed. Destination guiding, Destination Download, and Mobile Internet provide smooth navigation and connectivity, making every trip in the iX both safe and pleasant.

Battery & Range

The BMW iX is powered by an efficient powertrain that delivers impressive performance. With its electric fuel type, it proves its performance by achieving an EPA City/Highway MPGe rating of 76/82 MPGe and a combined MPGe of 80 MPGe. The IX has an electric EPA range of 476 miles, providing plenty of range for daily commutes and long road trips.

Incurs a lower surcharge due to EPA average adjusted energy consumption of 42 kWh/100 miles. While charging is fast thanks to the fast charging option with the SAE Combo port, the battery capacity of up to 111.5 kWh ensures trouble-free operation of the vehicle.


The BMW iX comes with a comprehensive guarantee, giving its owners peace of mind. Owners are protected against unforeseen defects with a 4-year or 50,000-mile basic warranty and a drivetrain warranty that lasts the same amount of time. The EV battery guarantee goes even further, providing 8 years or 100,000 miles of coverage, demonstrating BMW’s confidence in the longevity of its electric powertrain.

A 12-year unlimited mileage rust warranty provides long-term corrosion protection. BMW iX owners receive full support and care throughout their ownership experience, including four years of roadside assistance and 3 years or 36,000 miles of free maintenance.

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