Blue Bentley Continental GT

Blue Bentley Continental GT, Dreams Await

The Blue Bentley Continental GT can be a showstopper of automobile design, wedding fashion, and execution constantly. Bragging a powerful W12 motor, this extravagance vehicle is moved by gas management and highlights an 8-speed robotized manual transmission for an easy and responsive force. With all-wheel force abilities, the Bentley guarantees ideal footing and manipulation in differing riding situations.

It is designed for comfort and restrictiveness and gives 4-humans open seating. The W12 motor and progressed design deliver a use come upon that rises above desires. Supported through a 3-year boundless mileage guarantee, the Bentley can be a photograph of remarkable extravagance and unwavering nice.

Fuel & MPG

The Bentley Continental GT, an apex of extravagance, requests nothing less than top-rate unleaded gas for its sudden execution. With an EPA city/toll road MPG score of 12/18, and a mixed MPG of 14, this extravagant vehicle equalizations control with effectiveness. The splendid run of 288.0 miles within the city and 432.0 miles on the thruway ensures that every journey is invigorating and persevering.

Fueled using a 24.0-gallon tank, the Continental GT minimizes stops at the pump, allowing drivers to experience the pleasure of the road without compromising on effectiveness. In each attitude, the Bentley sets the same old for automobile fabulousness.


The coronary heart of the Bentley Continental GT is its lively 6.0-liter W12 motor, a confirmation of layout greatness. Fueled by using gas, this powerhouse produces a superb 650 power at 5,000 rpm, making certain an interesting riding stumble. Torque is further incredible, with 664 lb-feet accessible at a low 1,500 rpm. The motor highlights 48 valves, labored by using a twofold overhead cam (DOHC) framework with variable valve timing.

Popular double fuel infusion and barrel deactivation contribute to each execution and productivity, showing Bentley’s commitment to mechanical improvement. The ¬†Bentley Continental GT‘s motor can be an orchestra of management and accuracy, raising the riding to stumble upon unparalleled statures.

Drivetrain & Suspension

The Bentley Continental GT exceeds expectancies in both control and management, with a well-crafted drivetrain and suspension framework. Its 8-speed robotized manual transmission, coupled with an all-wheel-drive setup, guarantees a lively and responsive riding involvement. The attention of a fashionable middle-confined slip differential assist improves footing and soundness.

In terms of suspension, the Continental GT highlights a 4-wheel loose suspension and well-known front and raised stabilizer bars, conveying an agreeable adjustment between comfort and execution. With a max payload potential of 946 lbs, the Bentley Mainland GT no longer as it have been oozing extravagance however additionally offers a down-to-earth and flexible association.


The Bentley Continental GT is well-known for its immaculate measurements that contribute to its hanging nearness on the road. With a duration of 190.9 inches and a fashionable width with mirrors at 86.1 inches (76.9 inches without mirrors), the Mainland GT instructions attention with its easy and sweeping profile. Standing at a tallness of 55.1 inches and bragging a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, this extravagance car moves an idealized adjustment among tastefulness and agility.

The inside measurements are in addition critical, with a shipment capacity of 8.3 cubic feet with all seats input. The Bentley Continental GT quickens from 0 to 60 mph in an easy 3.6 seconds, displaying its exquisite execution talents. With a turning circle of 37.8 ft, the Bentley GT shows awesome maneuverability. Weighing in at 5,370 lbs managed weight, this extravagance vehicle offers a culminated mix of management and accuracy. The Bentley Continental GT, with its noteworthy measurements and fastidious craftsmanship, stands as a confirmation of English automobile fabulousness.

Front Seat Dimensions

The Bentley Continental GT not as it had been gives a lavish outside but too spoils its tenants with impressive front situate measurements and highlights. Popular top-rate calfskin and bucket the front seats supply an extravagant and at-ease encounter for each driving force and visitor. The 12-manner energy-adjustable motive force and traveler seats, along with top-adjustable alternatives, guarantee a customizable and ergonomic driving role.

For included consolation, both seats come with electricity-adjustable lumbar returned and two memorized settings, allowing inhabitants to easily discover their favored setups. The consideration of multi-degree warmed seats for both the driver and traveler increases improvements the comfort, making the Bentley Continental GT an ideal associate for ventures of any duration. With fastidious consideration of elements and a dedication to extravagance, Bentley has created insides that embody the encapsulation of extravagance inside the Bentley Continental GT.

Safety Features

Security takes middle organization inside the Bentley Continental GT, displaying a comprehensive cluster of standard highlights deliberately to guarantee the proper being of its tenants. The incorporation of dazzle spots and lane flight notices, together with a mischance shirking framework, illustrates Bentley’s dedication to looking forward to capability dangers on the street. Fashionable lane-keep facilitates and raises move-visitor alarms to inspire and enhance the driver’s mindfulness and preferred protection.

The Bentley Continental GT gloats a full-of-life safety shape with double front side-hooked-up airbags and tourist airbag tenant-detecting deactivation. Solidness control and footing control contribute to perfect taking care of, while child situate grapples supply protection for greater youthful tourists. With 4-wheel ABS, the front and raised ventilated plate brakes, and crisis braking help, the Bentley GT prioritizes responsive and reliable braking execution.

Extra safety highlights consisting of tire weight gazing, dusk-sensing headlamps, and a, in addition, anti-theft warning framework emphasize Bentley’s devotion to giving a comfortable and quiet riding come across.

Entertainment Features

The Bentley Continental GT rethinks extravagance in every detail, amplifying its dedication to lavishness in the area of leisure. Organized with a standard AM/FM stereo, the Mainland GT conveys a top-rate sound-related involvement with an effective 650-watt stereo yield and 10 upload speakers. Integration of gift-day innovation includes Apple CarPlay for a regular network, along with USB associations and outdoor media manipulation for upgraded flexibility.

The attention of a memory card space, partisan radio with real-time interest overhauls, and a video screen with a widespread DVD player assist increases the in-vehicle enjoyment revel in. The Bentley Mainland GT ensures that each tour is not honestly a drive but a captivating and immersive involvement.

Power Feature

The Bentley Continental GT emphasizes consolation with its manipulated highlights. General conveniences include 2 one-touch control windows for easy operation. The palms-loose segment disentangles, whereas the invert tilt traveler reflects offers a take a look at see-in turnaround, upgrading safety. Warmed mirrors, another general include, guarantee permeability certainly in tough climate conditions, such as the general extravagance and not unusual feel of the Bentley GT.

Comfort & Convenience

The Bentley Continental GT is carefully made to supply remarkable comfort and luxury. Popular highlights contain a keyless start for a consistent beginning, while the lean and adjustable controlling wheel with the transmission, voyage, and sound controls assure a custom-designed riding involvement. Electric control directing improvements maneuverability complemented through the front, facet, and rear see cameras alongside stopping sensors for easy route.

Cruise manipulation, considerably farther transmitter, and twin-zone front weather control represent Bentley’s commitment to comfort. Interior factors of hobby which include front cupholders, entryway wallet, calfskin controlling wheel, and double lights up pretension mirrors make contributions to a liberal using surroundings, making the Bentley GT a secure residence of extravagance.


The Bentley Continental GT highlights a comprehensive set of well-known instruments, guaranteeing an advanced and instructive driving stumble. The trip computer, compass, outside temperature display, tachometer, and clock are consistently coordinated in the automobile, giving essential statistics at a look. Bentley’s fastidious consideration of detail amplifies every attitude of the Bentley GT’s instrument.

Tires & Wheels

The Bentley Continental GT comes prepared with well-known painted amalgam wheels, bragging a Los Angeles mode, and a polished appearance. The super 22-inch wheels contribute to the vehicle’s commanding nearness on the road. outlined for ideal execution, the Bentley GT highlights trendy execution tires with determinations of 315/30R W, making sure of a clean and energetic riding involvement. Bentley’s commitment to each aesthetics and value is plain inside the tire and wheel choices for the Bentley GT.


The Bentley Continental GT offers a consoling guarantee package, reflecting Bentley’s actuality about the vehicle’s niceness. With a 3-year boundless mileage scope for essential, drivetrain, rust, and roadside help, owners can recognize the peace of mind understanding their mission is secured. Bentley stands behind the Bentley GT’s craftsmanship and execution with this complete assurance.

Mechanical Options

For advanced braking execution, the Bentley Continental GT offers mechanical picks together with Carbon Ceramic Brakes. With the choice of Ruddy Painted Calipers at an additional taking a toll of +$17,560 or darkish Painted Calipers at +$15,855, proprietors can tailor their Bentley GT to fit their tendencies and driving style.

Bentley Continental GT Packages

The Bentley Continental GT offers a run of bundles to personalize and lift the driving stumble upon. Different options contain the Styling detail at +$12,245, Bentley GT Blackline detail at +$4,420, metropolis willpower at +$5,415, Temperament lighting fixtures element at +$2,060, the visiting element at +$8,640, style detail at +$43,400, and lively element at +$47, 100, allowing owners to customize their extravagance involvement.

Interior Options

The Bentley gives a pricey cluster of interior alternatives, permitting owners to tailor their surroundings to the most noteworthy preferred extravagance. The choices span from lacquer wraps as much as controlling wheel plans, giving more than a few customization possibilities.

Different options like Open Pore Polish at +$4,035 and Piano Polish at +$7,600 constitute Bentley’s dedication to lovely craftsmanship. Stone Polish at +$ 6,730 includes a touch of development, while splendid darkish Exchanged to top Sash & Waistrails at +$3,360 offers a remarkable contrast.

For controlling wheel customization, alternatives like Warmed, Duo-Tone, 3 Talked, Stow away Trimmed Controlling Wheel at +$1,145 or Warmed, single Tone, 3 Talked, cowl up Trimmed Directing Wheel at +$550 provide each consolation and personalization.

extraordinary highlights like Enlightened Bentley Sill and personalized Treadplate at +$2,475 or Naim for Bentley sound framework at +$8,970 cater to those looking for the apex of extravagance. The Blast & Olufsen for Bentley sound framework at +$6,905 ensures a top-class sound-associated revel.

From Bespoke Treadplate Plaques at +$2,690 to Wind Redirectors at no greater toll, the Bentley GT allows an exceptional degree of personalization. whether or not selecting for brand-spanking new talk Admissions and discuss Ionizer at +$350 or the Bentley Pivoting display at +$6,490, each detail can be a confirmation of Bentley’s commitment to luxury.

Embroidery and sewing alternatives, which include Differentiate sewing and Situate Channeling at +$4,680 or Profound Heap Overmats – raise because it was at +$1,340, inspire grandstand the attention to detail that characterizes the insides of the Bentley GT. With those alternatives, Bentley ensures that every journey isn’t always honestly a drive but a customized expression of subtle flavor and extravagance.

Exterior Options

The Bentley offers a cluster of outside alternatives, permitting proprietors to personalize their automobiles with unmistakable highlights that reflect their taste and style.

Alternatives such as the door Hood in Stupid Brown at +$900 or the outdoor Hood in Dim Dim steel at +$2,405 consist of a hint of difference, giving a special stylish to the vehicle. The choice of 22″ speed Wheels, on hand in darkish Painted at +$1,280 or stupid Tint at +$1,830, improves the Bentley GT’s active look.

For those searching out the apex of personalization, the Mulliner amplify gives different wraps up, along with sturdy and metallic at +$11,040, smooth silk at +$31,235, and Pearlescent and 3 Coat Wraps up at +$18,135. The Mulliner man or woman commission choices, which include glossy silk at +$35,605, deliver a bespoke involvement.

The Shinning Chromed Framework fashion Grille to Radshell and lower Bumper Gaps at +$2,640 consists of a particular front-end touch, whereas the Painted Carbon Fiber Bodykit choices, on hand in Sparkle at +$10,660 or sleek silk at +$13,330, present an active and streamlined detail.

Protective the car’s doors is made easy with Paint security at +$ 3,275, guaranteeing the Bentley GT stays in the best condition. The alternative for Painted Wheels – single shade at +$9,200 allows for a cohesive and on-trend look.

Whether selecting a Claret outdoor Hood at +$900 or the Carbon Fiber Bodykit – spotlight Pinstripe at +$14,660, the Blue Mainland GT outdoor options provide a canvas for personal expression, ensuring an interesting and standout nearness on the street.


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