Orange M4 BMW

Unleash the Thrilling Orange M4 BMW, A Symphony of Power and Style


The Orange M4 BMW, starting at $82,200 (MSRP), is a symphony of refinement and energy. Its heart beats rhythmically to an effective 3.0L dual-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder petrol engine, ensuring an exhilarating riding revel in. Blended with an 8-velocity automatic transmission, the auto moves easily and exactly on the road.

As a rear-wheel force coupe, the  M4 BMW exudes luxury and sportiness. Its 4-seat ability and 12 cubic feet of trunk volume make it practical and high-priced. Reaching sixteen MPG in the town and an outstanding 23 MPG on the highway, this automobile masterpiece now not only impresses but also proves its performance on the street.


Engine and Transmission:

At its heart is a 3.0L twin-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine that produces an amazing 503 horsepower at 6,250 rpm. Effective 479 lb-feet of torque at 2,750 rpm, grants exhilarating acceleration that sends shivers down the backbone.

Paired with an eight-speed computerized transmission, the M4 BMW effects combine electricity with easy gear changes. This effective device runs on a rear-wheel drive transmission, supplying a driving experience that isn’t always just an adventure but also a thrill.

Steering Dynamics:

Navigating the road becomes an art form with the M4 BMW’s rack-and-pinion steering gadget. The 40-foot turning circle allows for sharp, precise maneuvering, emphasizing the driver’s manipulation of this automotive masterpiece.

Suspension Excellence:

The M4 BMW’s overall performance additionally extends to its suspension. The front suspension is designed as a strut and the rear suspension has a sophisticated multi-hyperlink setup, contributing to a ride that is not handiest robust but additionally extremely easy.

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy:

With a combined gasoline consumption of 19 MPG, the Orange M4 conveys stability between electricity and financial structure. In the city it achieves 16 MPG, ensuring a commendable range of 249.6 miles.

On the highway, performance achieves an excellent 23 mpg, increasing the range to 358.8 miles. This stability between urban and on-road performance highlights the Orange M4’s adaptability to precise situations.

Fuel Tank and Range:

The M4 BMW is ready with a 15.6-gallon gasoline tank, imparting the method for lengthy trips. Within the metropolis, it has more than a few 249.6 miles, even at the dual carriageway it has an impressive form of 358.8 miles. This beneficiant gasoline tank ability ensures that the M4 isn’t always an excessive-average overall performance engine but is additionally a dependable accomplice for prolonged trips.

The M4 BMW is equipped with a 15.6-gallon fuel tank, providing the means for extended journeys. In the city, it boasts a cruising range of 249.6 miles, while on the highway, it extends to an impressive 358.8 miles. This generous fuel tank capacity ensures that the M4 BMW is not just a performance powerhouse but also a reliable companion for long drives.

Emissions Considerations:

Within the hobby of environmental awareness, the M4 BMW maintains a low carbon footprint. Emitting simply 9. 4 tonnes of CO2 in line with 12 months at 15,000 miles, it complies with ecological considerations without compromising its dynamic overall performance.

Exterior Dimensions

The BMW M4, a testament to automobile luxury, has meticulously designed outside dimensions. At 189.1 inches long, it strikes a pleasing stability among agility and road presence. At 54.8 inches tall, it has a fashionable and aerodynamic design that accentuates its sporty look.

With a width of 74.3 inches and front and rear widths of 63.7 inches and 63.2 inches respectively, the M4 draws attention with its formidable and spacious stance. Wide variety 112.5-inch wheelbase ensures balance and assured riding.

Weighing in at 3,880 kilos, the M4 BMW continues the correct balance among performance and efficiency. A trunk volume of 12 cubic feet provides practicality to its seductive design, making the M4 BMW a real embodiment of class on wheels.

Interior Dimensions

The BMW M4 redefines consolation in its cautiously designed interior dimensions. With a capacity of 4 people, it offers an intimate but spacious revel for both the driving force and passengers.

Up the front, the front-seat legroom expands to 41.7 inches, making sure enough room for even the tallest drivers. The amplitude is adequate at 40.3 inches, and the shoulder room extends to 55.1 inches, developing a cockpit that is airy and cozy.

In the rear, passengers revel in 34.7 inches of legroom, supplying an easy riding experience. The headroom is at 35.8-inch and 51-inch shoulder rests displaying meticulous interest in the element, making sure absolutely everyone on board stories the high-priced interior of the M4 BMW.

Entertainment Features

Orange M4 BMW

The BMW M4 guarantees exceptional driving enjoyment with top-rate enjoyment functions. Boasting HD Radio and Bluetooth as preferred, it seamlessly integrates current connectivity. Although there’s no tough force for media garage, a premium sound gadget and satellite radio are trendy, presenting an immersive audio adventure.

Clever device integration is without difficulty, making every power a linked enjoyment. Although there may be no WiFi hotspot, the  M4 nevertheless caters to tune enthusiasts with a well-known auxiliary audio enter and MP3 player. Even though there’s no amusement gadget, the BMW M4 nevertheless focuses on bringing a fascinating audio adventure to lovers.

Comfort & Convinence

The BMW M4 is going past the normal, enveloping passengers in a cocoon of luxury and convenience. Widespread features together with a navigation system and guidance wheel audio controls ensure a linked and guided journey. Air con and multi-region weather manipulate provide a customized atmosphere, improving average consolation.

Even as the non-compulsory head-up show provides a hint of class, the dearth of a power liftgate is compensated for through an arms-unfastened liftgate, demonstrating a dedication to convenience. Heated front seats and an available heated steerage wheel offer warmth on cold-weather trips, developing an at-ease indoors.

The BMW M4 caters to man or woman choices with a collection of features along with adaptive cruise management and automated parking, improving both comfort and protection. Even without some features which include rear seat cooling and seat rub down, the BMW M4 units are the usual for consolation, ensuring that every journey is a costly escape.

Safety Features

In phrases of safety, the BMW M4 stands out as a reliable and safe desire for drivers. Boasting many advanced protection capabilities, this automobile prioritizes the fitness of the motive force and passengers. The inclusion of a popular rearview camera improves coping, ensuring the driver can navigate with self-assurance. Moreover, Rear Park help and move site visitors Alert additionally assists prevent injuries.

The BMW M4 makes no compromises on preferred protection functions. With a blind spot reveal, lane departure caution, ABS, brake assist, and stability control, the automobile presents a sturdy protection internet for various driving conditions. While lane-keeping help and elective capabilities like nighttime imaginative and prescient and tire strain monitoring offer additional layers of safety, the M4’s dedication to protection is clear.

The airbag gadget, which includes the front, side, knee, and head airbags, is a fashionable gadget, demonstrating BMW’s dedication to comprehensive protection of automobile occupants. Even though it lacks some capabilities like rear-facet airbags and seatbelt airbags, the M4’s typical protection package makes it a standout choice within the section.

M4 BMW Colors

The BMW M4 is to be had in a variety of lovely exterior colors, allowing drivers to specify their non-public style. Popular options encompass undying Alpine White and vibrant Sao Paulo Yellow, which mirror the M4’s dynamic persona. For those needing a costly feel, optionally available choices along with Aventurin red metallic, Dravit gray metal, and Toronto red steel add a hint of class.

The unique Frozen awesome White steel and Isle of Man green steel colorways are aimed toward those seeking out exclusivity of particular be aware is the unique Order color, precedence 1 – a testament to BMW’s commitment to personalized alternatives. Whether you choose conventional or formidable shades, the M4’s shade palette enhances its high-performance profile.

Tires & Wheels

The BMW M4 is equipped with modern features for its tires and rims. The wheels are made of painted light alloy and measure 20 x 10.5 inches. The tires are performance-oriented and have a length of 285/30R Z. These specifications are part of the standard configuration of the BMW M4.


The M4 BMW boasts advanced telematics features that decorate both safety and convenience. With standard Emergency offerings, the car is equipped to inform authorities in the event of airbag deployment, ensuring fast reaction in emergencies. Stolen vehicle tracking/help provides an brought layer of safety. Fingers-free Calling allows seamless communication while driving, prioritizing protection.

Roadside help ensures help is just a call away in case of sudden issues. The Concierge carrier elevates the use enjoyment, providing personalized assistance. The destination steerage and turn-by-using-flip Navigation functions make navigation easy. Moreover, the usual cell net (Browser) keeps occupants connected on the move, enhancing the general riding enjoyment.

Additional Packages

The BMW M4 offers some appealing add-on packages, enhancing comfort and drivability. The riding assistance professional package deal, priced at $1,700, introduces active driving Assistant seasoned and extended site visitors Jam Assistant, offering stronger safety features for confined-get right of entry to highways.

Deciding on the $1,550 authorities package deal brings a hard and fast of expensive upgrades, including a far-off engine an electricity liftgate, and the M4 BMW Curved display with HUD. Equipping a heated guidance wheel will bring an extra at-ease feeling, making every pressure a thrilling experience.

For the ones searching out progressed parking capabilities, the Parking Assist package deal, priced at $700, introduces Parking Help Plus, making sure of strain-unfastened parking maneuvers. These additional applications permit M4 BMW drivers to customize their revel, combining average overall performance and advanced capabilities.


The M4 BMW now not simplest impresses with its performance but additionally with its robust warranty bundle, ensuring peace of mind for the driver. The fundamental warranty covers 4 years or 50,000 miles, demonstrating BMW’s self-belief in the vehicle’s sturdiness. An incredible gain is the 12-year, unlimited-mileage anti-corrosion assurance, reflecting the logo’s dedication to lengthy-term pleasant.

Powertrain guarantee fits simple insurance, imparting 4 years or 50,000 miles of safety. Complementing this, the 3-year/36,000-mile service package deal underlines BMW’s commitment to problem-unfastened possession. On top of that, a beneficiant 4-year limitless mileage roadside help application adds a layer of support, underlining BMW’s dedication to patron pride.

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