BMW i4 Exterior Colours

Explore The Stunning BMW i4 Exterior Colours: Options For Every Style


The BMW i4 represents the modern design and electric-powered innovation. It comes in various intriguing external colors that transform the electric car market and enhance its allure from an aesthetic standpoint. The i4’s external color options appeal to a wide range of tastes, from neutral to ambitious and imaginative, guaranteeing that this stunning electric car will stand out in more ways than one. In this article, we will learn about  BMW i4 exterior colors

Black Sapphire


Black sapphire is a very famous preference. Partly as it’s a coloration that charges nothing, and in part because it helps balance the fee while selling. The metallic paintings add shine to the frame, making dust much less seen than lighter colorings.

M Brooklyn grey


This mild grey coloration emphasizes the traces and grooves of the BMW i4’s frame panels. Metallic stencils in the painting procedure upload a visual contact, making it a free option.

M Portimao Blue

BMW i4 Exterior Colours

Portimao Blue is an appealing shade that conveys a sporty and complicated look. Even through a thin layer of dust and avenue grime, the dark color may be very important.

White mineral

White is among the most famous picks for new and used car consumers. Mineral white is a nice addition to metal, but this color can without difficulty appeal to dust and filth and wishes to be wiped clean often.

Green Sanremo

An ambitious and eye-catching shade, Sanremo Green attracts attention to the car park. Even though it does now not need to be cleaned frequently to hold it in good shape, it is hard to sell it in the vehicle market.

Sunset Orange

This is certainly one of the most important shade options available for the BMW i4. This enhances the sporty appearance of the auto and appears brilliant when paired with larger wheels. Although grey is less visible, it’s far less popular with classic car consumers than black and white.

Alpine white

This is the default option for individuals who do not care approximately the value of paint colors. It does not rust without problems now and is a fave among used car customers. But there are other loose color alternatives to pick from.

Grey Sky

Whilst no longer especially flashy, Skyscraper gray gives the BMW i4 a greater widespread appearance and performance when paired with an extra competitive frame kit and larger wheels on the game trims. It no longer wants to be wiped clean regularly, and it is easy to shop for as a famous buy.

Red Aventurine

This is a deeper, lighter coloration than the intense cherry purple you could get with different cheaper alternatives. It’s a good match for the i4, and the steel end does an amazing activity of showing off the auto’s lines.

Gray davit

For the greater discerning, think of this color as grey. It is darkish however has a steel sheen, a step up from the less expensive Skyscraper grey. The residual price is not bad.

Blue Tanzanite

This is a shiny and formidable blue that pairs well with sporty trims. It’d get a lot of interest on the street, however it might not be very famous in the used automobile market.

Portimao Blue

BMW black paint has a unique appearance and sense and is a top class for metallic colors. The matte blue finish enhances the car’s sharp strain, however, it makes floor scratches appear more without difficulty, so be careful while riding.

Natural grey Frozen

Every other light reflective matte paint gives the BMW i4 a cool, almost futuristic appearance. Due to the fact the color is darkish, it is not hard to preserve, but small scratches and scratches effortlessly seem.

BMW i4 Interior colours

The beauty of the i4 does now not run deep. The splendor extends to the indoors, in which a cautiously decided color palette transforms the driving experience into a visual symphony. The selection of indoor colorations for the BMW i4 displays the emblem’s commitment to luxury, individuality, and innovation. Permits take a more in-depth take look at the colors that enhance the i4’s interior and the way each color contributes to the mood and fashion.

Tacora Red

The Tacora red option is a formidable desire that brings passion and power to the i4’s cabin. This wealthy, excessive pink transforms interiors into dramatic spaces, adding a feel of drama and beauty.


Black interiors are an area that never goes out of favor. BMW’s interpretation of black isn’t always certainly the absence of coloration. It’s a diffused declaration that creates a sleek, present-day look on the i4.


For those searching for warm temperatures and richness, mocha is an appropriate desire. This earthy brown tone complements the indoors of the i4, developing an appealing and at-ease area for drivers and passengers.

Black with blue contrast stitching

A combination of traditional and cutting-edge, black and blue is an unusual stitch desire that is an easy but hanging choice. The blue sewing adds to the appearance of the black indoors and the smooth color complements the overall layout.


A clean and simple option, the Oyster creates an open and spacious experience inside the i4. Those blinds enhance the view of the area and make the rooms appear larger and greater comfortable.

Canberra Beige

Revel in meets diversity at Canberra Beige. This muted beige color exudes understated elegance and affords a neutral heritage that enhances the i4’s modern layout elements.


For people who love the luxurious appearance, cognac lakes are an actual treat. This deep, rich brown evokes treasured leather, growing warm and stylish surroundings in the BMW i4.

Black (2d expression)

The black lake, due to its popularity, deserves a 2d mention. Its speech is best for showing the important details of the BMW i4, allowing the motive force to pay attention on the road beforehand in a natural environment. When choosing an indoor coloration for your BMW i4, drivers regularly pick out a one-of-a-kind coloration. They are making it look like their riding sanctuary. Whether it’s an ambitious Tacora pink, an ambitious Mango, or a steeply-priced Cognac, every desire displays your unique persona and flavor, ensuring that every adventure inside the BMW i4 is a personal experience.

The BMW i4’s indoor shade alternatives are more than just aesthetics. It contributes to the ventilation of the driver, improving the relationship between the driving force and the engine. The cautious attention to these coloration selections is a testament to BMW i4’s dedication to providing an entire ride enjoyable and tasty ride experience, where every element has been cautiously crafted to decorate riding satisfaction.


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